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Leadership Nuts

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Leadership, are you nuts? The path to becoming a bona fide leader can be arduous, wrought with frustration, insecurity, and unforeseen challenges. The pilgrimage requires a tireless commitment to both learning and embodying the multitude of characteristics, traits, virtues, and qualities attributed to authentic leadership. For some, the title itself is the goal, simply a means to the next opportunity. But for those who are selflessly committed to the responsibility, they will find the undertaking rewarding, fulfilling, productive, and worthwhile. If you aspire to become someone with the privilege to influence people, the power and humility to lift up others, and the ability to forge an indelible legacy, then endeavor to harness the ideals found within the pages of this leadership book. A bit off the beaten path, Leadership Nuts is comprised of 52 concise essays tackling true-to-life subjects, colorfully and insightfully illustrated through the lens of Mother Nature. What is instinctive to the indecisive squirrel, the proud peacock, or the thick-skinned armadillo will challenge your perceptions, raise your awareness, provide thoughtful consideration, and hopefully inspire change as you continue your adventure to become a respected, valued leader.Invest in the future with these nuts from nature. Go ahead, crack 'em open. 

  • Released: April 14, 2020
  • Author: Leigh Farrow
  • Rating: 5
  • Publisher: Ebook Store Group
  • Total Page: 209 pages
  • File Size: 339923 KB

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